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US Nears North Huron Level Of Oppression With Arbitrary Arrests Of Reporter & Crew - #WinghamWakening

Source: WFP
Date: Fri May 29 07:11:01 MST 2020

"Fake news", "cancer on the community" and "enemy of the people" were all used nearly a decade ago in North Huron to silence and discredit anyone that dared question North Huron’s double taxes. President Trump started following North Huron’s blueprint for oppression immediately once in office, and is catching up to North Huron Reeve & Hall Of Shamer bernie bailey.

The arrest of CNN reporter and crew on live tv has gone viral and is making headlines around the globe. Click here to see the video on YouTube.

The arbitrary arrests of reporters and crew caught on video is nothing new to those living in North Huron and remember the August Atrocities. The August Atrocities exposed corruption in ranks of the Wingham Police and North Huron staff and council. At trial their perjury and false signed statements were no match for Wingham Copwatch’s videos and transcripts. Ultimately the Wingham Police were disbanded and councillors purged except Seip who did not participate in the August Atrocities.

North Huron is known nationally for its high taxes and for its oppression of any questioning or dissenting voice. A clear result of greed, corruption & cronyism. Hall of Shamer bernie bailey can spend $20,000 on three tvs, fill the floodplain, etc while Public sits idle out of fear of speaking up and retaliation.

Trump still has a way to go to catch up to the oppression in North Huron. At least Trump has stood up against mail in voting which was rife with corruption in North Huron, as town staff controlled, handled and counted the votes. Anyone could clearly see how someone voted without opening the envelope. North Huron even refused to video record the ballot counting even though the camera was set up and it would have cost nothing. The count was done and the ballots were guarded by some that participated in the August Atrocities.

To catch up to North Huron Trump needs to strip Rights away from those that may question his regime. Trump would have to pass a by-law or executive order every time someone attempts to question spending, logic or efficiency. Like bernie bailey, President Trump lacks the intellectual capacity and diplomacy to handle it any other way. It’s “I run the show here!” attitude. That quote is from bailey, not Trump. Trump and bailey both seem to think having a second thought on a topic is a sign of weakness and only for those triple digit nose-breathers.

Area OPP

Repeat Offender Arrested In Clinton - Hudson
Suspended Driver And Passenger Facing Charges
17 Year Old Arrested For Refusing To Blow
Drunk Driver From Owen Sound Arrested
Passed Out Behind Wheel - CUNNINGHAM
19 Year Old Caught Going 205 in an 80 - HEHAR
24 Year Old Caught Going 140 in an 80 - RODRIGUES
18 Year Old Caught Going 145 in an 80 - HARRISON
Charges Following Collision - Methamphetamine A Factor - BENNETT
19 Year OId Fails To Stop For Police - 205 in an 80
Matthew HAKKERS - Drunk Driving
Repeat Offender Arrested In Mitchell - MURRAY
One Airlifted Following Fall From Roof
Stunt Driver Charged In Berkeley - STANISH
Suspended Driver Caught With Drugs - BUTT
James NICHOLSON Charged After Punching Out Teeth
No Interlock Device Results In Charge For Melissa MORRISON
Three Weed Stores Busted
Side Of Road Dispute Ends With Charges
Passed Out 19 Year Old Facing Drunk Driving Charge
Fatal Collision Update
Cement Truck Vs Employee Collision
Suspended Driver Caught Again In Listowel - ZWICKER
Impaired Driver Arrested Near Listowel - SMITH
22 Year Old Caught Going 120 in a 60

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