Hall Of Shamer Doug Kuyvenhven Confesses To Abuses - Disgraced Afterlife Scammer Doug Kuyvenhoven's Shocking Revelations - Businesses Start To Speak Out #DeathOfFear

Hall Of Shamer Scams $40,000 From Wingham Businesses For Cult Recruitment #StandYourGround #EndTheDougClub #BurnInHellLilDougie #AfterlifeScam

Source: WFP
Date: Thu Feb 13 17:15:47 MST 2020

Taxation without Representation should NEVER be tolerated, forgiven or forgotten.

Tempers erupt numerous times a day on Josephine St. and in coffee shops as word spreads of the appalling behavior of the head of the Wingham BIA. This is not in reference to lil dougie’s OPP bashing and bullshit in attempt to keep the Wingham Police so he could keep free policing for his parasitic business setup just outside of Wingham so he doesn’t have to pay the insane tax rate. Lil dougie will surely burn in hell, clearly not soon enough.

Afterlife scammer extraordinaire doug kuyvenhoven AKA lil dougie has populated the board of the Wingham BIA with sycophantic bobble-heads that hear voices, believe angels are real, the earth is flat and 6,000 years old and there is a guy in the sky that needs more money. It is horrifying that the education system has failed so many in such a profound way.

Lil dougie’s BIA is demanding $40,000 from Wingham Businesses that he extorts money from to pay for a digital sign at the intersection of 4&86 for “Community Events” such as his cult recruitment dinners and programs designed to lure children and new victims to the MRCC (Maitland River Community Cult). NOTE: No Business would be allowed to advertise on the sign lil dougie is forcing them to pay for. Just lil dougie and his knob-gobbling buddies will reap the benefits.

Taxation without Representation should NEVER be tolerated, forgiven or forgotten.

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